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Kinkawooka Mussel and Pepe Saya Week at Kitchen by Mike

Kitchen by Mike


THIS could be your lunch next week!

Kinkawooka mussels and Pepe Saya week at Kitchen by Mike begins Saturday! This weekend John Susman (Fishtales) and Andy “Pugsy” Puglisi (Kinkawooka Shellfish) will be dishing out petit bouchot mussels fresh from the steaming paella pan in the Kitchen by Mike garden alongside the Young Henrys guys pulling cider throughout lunchtime. 

If you can’t make it Saturday or Sunday, not to worry - from Monday to Friday we’ll have a new mussel dish on for lunch ranging from chowders to tarts and all those good things. If you love what you’re eating, and we know you will, 2kg packs of Kinkawooka mussels and Pepe Saya crème fraîche will available in the fridge for you to take home for only $15 (recommended retail price is $26!). We’ll even throw in a recipe card from Mike’s collection so you can recreate the dish in your own kitchen.

So basically, if this was all too long and you didn’t read: this week = mussels, cider + garden fun times from June 21-27. See you there!