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85 Dunning Avenue
Rosebery 2018

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Food Range

Made by preserving only the best fruit and vegetables, Mike's jams and condiments reflect produce at the height of its season. These versatile jars are perfect not just on your toast but in salads, spooned over fish or pork, tossed through stir-fries and enjoyed with cheese. Jars are available separately or in a beautifully bundled KBM branded wooden box with a selection of 3 condiments at 4 jars. The range is currently available at Kitchen by Mike at Sydney International Airport. Perfect as a gift for your overseas friends and family.

For stockist enquiries, or if you wish to carry this range in your store please contact our distributor

Fino Foods
P: 1300 890 049 

Tomato Ketchup
Being a father I'm always worried about E numbers and other preservatives in my ketchup. This is all natural using the best tomatoes and has enough spice to give that sausage some oomph.

Mango and Coconut Chutney
This is not your everyday Indian-style mango chutney – it's more of an English style so it's not as spicy and hot. It's sweet and is delicious with all types of meat and cheese, in particular salty blue cheeses like Roquefort. The coconut adds and exotic flavour making it a little more interesting than the average chutney.

Raspberry Jam
Of course it's great with toast but raspberry jam is the workhouse of all cake fillings. It's wonderful in Victoria sponge and particularly great in Bakewell tarts and jammy dodgers.

Blackberry Jam
I love blackberry jam because it's a little bit sharp. It's delicious with a smudge of creme fraiche on a scone or dolloped over a humble oat cake.

Made with seville oranges picked at the height of their Winter season, this marmalade isn't just for your bread. It's excellent for glazing, wonderful with cheddar cheese and fantastic spooned over buttercream icing for cake.

Quince Jam
Quince is my favourite fruit and I love to fold quince jam into muffin batter to create  a lovely rippled effect when it's baked. It's wonderful and floral and is also delicious with cheeses such as brie.

Plum Jam
Made from only sugarplums, plum jam is lovely spooned over rice pudding or with french toast. It's also a good swap for raspberry jam sandwiched in Victoria sponge.

Strawberry Jam
My strawberry jam is a little looser than most because I like to spoon it not only on my toast but over ice cream, yoghurt and scones.

Rhubarb Jam
I like rhubarb's earthiness and acidity and it's pink colour is lovely poured into tarts with mascarpone. It has an amazing relationship with lemon curd.

Granny Smith apple chutney
This is the grand daddy of chutneys to have with a very strong farmhouse cheddar. It's also delicious with pork terrine and roast pork.

Pickled Watermelon Rind
A wonderful addition to any charcuterie board, it's excellent beside an assortment of cheese and cold meats. I love the waxy texture and wrapping a stick of rind in a thin slice of cured ham, or tossing it through a salad with bitter leaves.


Black Bean and Ginger Vinaigrette
Black bean vinaigrette is a saviour in the pantry. Spoon some into the cavity of an avocado or drizzle over sashimi or an oyster. It's also a quick fix to a lacking stir-fry.

Serve with a hunk of bread and cheese for a classic ploughman's lunch, in a roll with cured or smoked fish or with ham knuckle terrine.

Mustard and Verjus Vinaigrette
A go-to and must have salad dressing, it's fantastic with robust leaves such as cos, baby gem and iceberg. It's also great for dunking grilled asparagus spears or dipping the leaves of globe artichokes.


Quince Relish
Spice, sweet and fragrant, a wonderful addition to any cheeseboard. It can be served alongside a variety of meats such as lamb and veal.